Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new leaf

I've decided I'm going to turn over a new leaf:

No more letting infertility run my life.

So what does this mean? This does not mean I can't be angry anymore. I can be angry, but I am going to try and channel that anger into better things. Like my running, for instance. Or my book. Yes, I'm writing a book. In fact, I'm halfway through the introduction. And as much as I would love to call it Shit You Shouldn't Say to Infertile People, I've decided I'm not going in that direction. More on this another time.

This does mean that I am going to have a more positive outlook on things. I am no longer going to sit around and get upset when people don't say what I want them to say or act how I want them to act. There are people in my life who are going to continue to ignore/not understand/not attempt to understand what we're going through, and that's fine. What they do is their prerogative. The people in my life who care about me the most will continue to support me, and I know that these are my TRUE friends and family.

Thank you to all who have continued reading, even through my crankiness. I promise you'll see a better Katie in the coming days.


onegreatcity said...

As much as a book called Shit You Shouldn't Say to Infertile People sounds really awesome, if this book you're working on has anything to do with Ursula Cookies, count me as your biggest fan!

onemoreinthemix said...

Yay for a book! I still have that secret dream, too, but still too chicken to see it through. And YAY for this new leaf! Although, I love "cranky Katie" (your words, not mine!) just as much as I'll love "new Katie!" :-)

Oh, and for the record, I think I'd be THAT much more inclined to buy a book called "Shit You Shouldn't Say to Infertile People." Love it!

Hello Sunshine said...

I LOVE your book and would definitely buy many, many copies!!