Friday, September 4, 2009

I cheated

I cheated. I cheated and I liked it.

On my diet, that is.

Yesterday was horrendous. Not only did I have Tijuana Flats for lunch, but I also drank soda (*gasp*) and ate pizza for dinner. Needless to say, my stomach gave me hell for it last night, and I now know that my body is used to my new, healthier eating habits after just two weeks.

I'll just say I was testing it. ;)

I'm either 2 or 3 DPO, and feeling insanely bloated. I have no idea why. It could mean another cyst. It could mean I've pissed off my uterus for some reason I'm not yet aware of. We don't communicate well, or often. The bloating doesn't feel like AF bloating (and it shouldn't, as I'm still at least another week away), but it feels tight. Almost like someone is stretching on my insides, especially on the left, hence why I mentioned the possibility of another cyst.

Oh well. As long as nothing explodes in there, I'm okay


onemoreinthemix said...

Some things:

1. I LOVE the new header/design/etc!

2. Everyone needs to say "screw the diet" once in a while, even if you pay for it later. :-)

3. I'm not EVEN going to SAY anything about these weird tummy feelings you are having.....

Tina said...

I noticed that I would get really bloated a few days after seeing the fertile CM. It was me actually ovulating. For the cycle that actually worked for us, I had fertile CM 6 days before I ovulated, but was bloated 2 days before!!!

YAY for cheating on the diet!