Wednesday, September 30, 2009

working on a dream

I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats wondering, "When is she going to post another blog about her uterus? I'm dying to know what's going on in there."

Congratulations! The wait is over. I will devote this entire post to my lady parts.

Did I mention lately that my RE appointment is just 12 days away?

I'm beyond excited. Yup, I'm excited about getting my vag probed some more, having needles stuck in me, and talking about sperm. We finally have all of our records/test results from my doctor in Nashville, and I finished filling out all of my new-patient paperwork last night. Joey still has his to fill out, which isn't as extensive.

Some things I hope I get out of this:

a LAP: To be honest, I'm hoping there is another cyst in there like I think there is. This will leave no excuses. I want them to go in there and see what's going on. No more guessing and waiting. If we're going to do this, I want to be all in.

a second SA: Joey's first SA was done in a very small, very disorganized lab. He actually gave his "sample" at home and we drove it in because the hospital was only 5 minutes from our house. We waited about 20 minutes for them to take the sample back, and who knows how long it took them to actually test it. So I would like another one: in the office, tested immediately.  I have a feeling my RE will want one anyway, just to be sure.

peace of mind: I want the doctor to tell me the odds. Yeah, I know I probably have endo and Joey's swimmers aren't 100%. But seriously, give me numbers. If it was supposed to happen naturally, IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED BY NOW. So, what's the deal? I want the doc to give it to me straight--and be willing to do whatever it takes to get us our BFP.

I've always been a person that loves challenges (and somehow always has to face them regardless), so I should have known that we wouldn't get pregnant right away. I'm not going to lay down and take it. (Um, well . . . not figuratively speaking.) I'm going to fight this until the end. You know what I thought about today? I thought, "We could have an almost-eight-month-old baby right now if things had gone right." It's time for things to go right, for once in my LIFE. It's time for us to get this show on the road.

And I'm so ready to kick this challenge square in its infertility-loving ass.

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Hello Sunshine said...

Hey Katie, thanks for the uterus update. :) Seriously though, hang in there. Try not to think "if things have gone right"...I know, easier said than done. I admire you and your ability to talk about (and blog about) this subject that women so rarely mention.