Monday, September 14, 2009

cycle #17

Here I am: cycle #17. Can I just say how I FEEL LIKE CRAP? I would give my left ovary to feel better right now. Ha! Get it?

That's my big fear with a LAP. I'm going to go in thinking, "It's just scar tissue and a cyst or two." And I'm going to come out with one ovary, because the left one looks like it's going to die at any moment. (Not that ovaries can really "die" per se.)

At least that's how the left one feels. I can only imagine what it looks like. Ick. I've Googled enough pictures of ovarian cysts in the last seven months. I think I'll pass.

Cycle #16 goes on record as my shortest cycle of all time. 25 days, 10 of which I bled.

Sucks to be me. Or, it sucks to be my husband. You pick.


onemoreinthemix said...

Oh, honey..I'm so sorry! ((hugs)) Try not to think the worst. It may turn out to be something easily "fixable" and you'll have two perfectly healthy working ovaries afterwards!

((giant hugs)) again!!!

Tina said...

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with a cyst on your ovary.

The only positive thing I can come up with is that when they go in there maybe they can "fix" what the problems may be with y'all getting pregnant.

Ask your dr to check out all of your reproductive stuff while he/she is in there. When I had my ruptured ectopic surgery, it started with a lap, then full-blown, cut into surgery. The dr looked at everything in there and said besides missing a tube, everything looked great!

I will be thinking about you!