Sunday, September 20, 2009

the color of the day is . . .

Today is a "code red" day. A day when my emotions are so out of control, I have no idea how I'll behave.

We decided to enact a terror-alert system. Joey came up with the idea last night, when we were walking around the outlet mall. We passed by Janie and Jack. You know, the insanely expensive, yet effing adorable children's clothing store that is virtually in every mall in the southeastern United States. Yes, that one. Joey pointed out an outfit on one of the little mannequins, and I gave him the death look. I wasn't in the mood. That's when the conversation began:

Joey: I never know what to make of you. Sometimes you're like this, but other times you want to go in and look at the clothes. You need to let me know what kind of mood you're in with this baby stuff.
Me: What, like the color-coded terror-alert system?
Joey: Sure.
Me: Do I need to tell you when I get up in the mornings?
Joey: No, just give it a couple of hours and then let me know how you feel. (long pause) So what color are you at today?
Me: Orange. Definitely orange.

Yesterday was orange. Today was red. The "I'm going to cry while sitting at the computer at my in-laws house and not turn around for a while so hopefully they don't notice my eyes are puffy" kind of red.

(Footnote: That was earlier. I am not currently crying at my in-laws' computer. Just in case you were wondering.)


Tina said...

I am so sorry that your emotions are all over the place. Our poor husbands want to try so hard to say/do the right things but 9 times 10 they don't!

I like the color-coded alert system!! I hope your level has dropped from red.

onemoreinthemix said...

I like the color coded system---creative AND effective! ;-) In all seriousness, I'm sorry for ANY red OR orange day that you have to go through! ((hugs))

Hello Sunshine said...

I LOVE this idea!!! Although I am sorry you have to deal with all of those emotions.

Soon it's October. Soon!