Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm completely exhausted from West Palm this weekend.

My husband's 32nd birthday was in May, and I got him tickets to see one of his favorite bands, Blink-182. We've been looking forward to the show for months. I'm happy to say that, overall, it was well worth the wait.

Asher Roth, All-American Rejects, and Fall Out Boy opened the show. I was pleasantly surprised with the first two performances. I hadn't heard of Asher Roth before the show (Joey had), but he was decent. He seemed to get the crowd going. I knew more All-American Rejects songs than I thought I would, and their lead singer (Tyson Ritter) was hilarious. He had some crazy cast on his leg and we weren't sure if he was serious about being in the hospital the day before, but it turns out he was. The Tampa show was last night and he performed that in a wheelchair. Now THAT is hardcore.

Fall Out Boy was . . . well, they were awful. I'm not a fan, and I never have been, but I thought they would at least put on a decent show. They were dull, at best. Other than Mr. Simpson, a.k.a. Pete Wentz, no other member of the band interacted with the crowd. Midway through the third or fourth song people started shouting, "We want Blink!" It was embarrassing.

And Blink. I love Blink. Listening to them play was like reliving my high school punk-rock years. They even played Family Reunion, and I'm pretty sure my husband wants a divorce now that he realizes I know all the words to that song. (Don't look up the lyrics if you are offended by extreme profanity.) Travis Barker's drum solo blew me away. You can watch it here. And no, I didn't take that video. I can only wish I will ever get that close to Travis Barker.

The only disappointing thing was the demographic of the crowd. I mean, how many 16-year-old girls and boys remember when Blink-182 was still together? Not a lot, I'm sure. If I had to do it again, I would have 1) bought tickets to the Tampa show and 2) bought closer seats. Being on the lawn with a bunch of teenage girls in their bras and underwear only made me think about what it would be like to raise a girl.

And in the words of Blink, I guess this is growing up.

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