Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40 days

Topic #1: The Duggars

It looks like crazy-ass Michelle Duggar is pregnant AGAIN. This will be baby #19, and their announcement comes just a little over a month before the birth of her son and daughter-in-law’s child. Her daughter-in-law probably wants to kill her, and for good reason.

Three things I think of when someone mentions Michelle Duggar:
1) Her vagina must be huge
2) I’m confident she has a mental illness
3) Does she realize this is the 2000s? She should have been born Catholic and in a much earlier century.

Topic #2: My cycle

Cycle #16 is hell. Cycles like this one make me wish I temped, or make me want to reach into my abdomen and rip out my lady parts. I’m going to guess that I haven’t, and won’t, ovulate this cycle. Another one bites the dust.

Topic #3: My diet

The caffeine part of my diet is going much better in week 2 than it did in week one. Can we say CRANKY?! But it’s been a trade off with the carbs/wheat: pasta for dinner last night, pasta for lunch today, and (you guessed it!) pasta for dinner tonight. Thankfully, Wednesday should be back to normal with a turkey sandwich for lunch and chicken for dinner.


Tina said...

I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I read about the Duggar's. I mean comeon, enough is enough.

You had me laughing at your take on it!

Marybeth Wright said...

Hey Katie it's Elizabeth from TTCYFC. Hope you don't mind if I 'follow' your blog!
OMG I really feel you on that crazy Duggar woman! I was watching the today show when she said she was pregnant again & I wanted to throw my breakfast at the TV!
LMAO my husband totally agrees that she's got to have the biggest vagina by now!