Thursday, August 6, 2009

mixed emotions

This has been a week of mixed emotions. Although two of my friends received some horrible SA results for their husbands, one of my blog buddies, Tina, got her BFP. Get it, girl!

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating as we speak. If my instincts are right, then I'll have ovulated (I think!) two months in a row. Is it a coincidence that I started ovulating again when I moved back to Florida and took a less stressful job? Maybe. Maybe not.


Tina said...

Thanks Katie!! I am still in shock!

I definitely do not think it is a coincidence!! I hope y'all get you insurance cards and you get into the fertility clinic ASAP!

BTW, you better be getting busy ;)

onemoreinthemix said...

I don't necessarily believe in "coincidences." So...that means...that your time is coming. Very soon! :-)