Sunday, July 26, 2009

playing catch up

I'm going to my first infertility support group in a couple of weeks, on August 11. Part of me is really looking forward to it, and another part of me is nervous because I'm not quite sure what to expect. The idea of being completely vulnerable to a group of strangers freaks me out a little, so I may or may not speak. (I know, I'm completely vulnerable on this blog--but we're not face to face!) Joey is going to try and go with me, but it will all depend on his work schedule. There's a good chance I'll be going by myself since my mom is out of town that week and my best friend, the only other person I would consider bringing, is out of town for the summer. Hopefully it will be a positive experience and not an awkward one.

And Joey is going back to school two nights a week. Have I mentioned this on here already? He's only a few classes away from getting his AA, so we figured now is the time to do it. He is really excited about it, and I am really happy for/proud of him. It will take some time and work, but I know he'll get it done.

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onemoreinthemix said...

I didn't know you were going to an IF support group, but I think that is wonderful! I went to a support group for something I was going through in my first marriage years ago and I was nervous about talking in front of all those strangers, too. But once you realize that they all have stories so similar to your'll probably find that you are grateful to be there and that you are more able to open up than you thought you would be.

Good luck with it!!