Sunday, June 28, 2009

last day of "vaca"

Our one-night getaway to Tampa for the beach/Phillies game was great! AF was a bitch during the first half of the trip, but she calmed down long enough for me to enjoy the game (even though the Phillies lost). The next day was a train wreck. Not only did my previous company not pay me for my vacation time, but they also didn't pay me for a week of work--something they claim they don't even owe me. Of course, just as things were finally going right financially, we were pushed back down again. Things should work themselves out within the month, but I am still pretty annoyed at how everything worked out.

My old doctor sent me my records last week to take to my new doctor, which I think I've found. So, I am going to make an appointment for October, which will be eight months from my abnormal pap. I'm anxious to meet with a new doctor and discuss our options.

And speaking of babies, you ladies will LOVE this. Joey and I were invited to a barbecue yesterday afternoon. The girl is one of my best friends from high school, and she recently got married. She and her husband were the couple hosting. Another couple friend of theirs also showed up, my friend's sister, and this other girl we went to high school with (who I will refer to as Jackie). So there are three married couples, the host's sister, and Jackie. Jackie, who was a snotty bitch in high school, has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter from one guy, and is preggers with her second baby from a different father. She has no job, is on welfare and food stamps, and lives with her mother. She spent the entire night talking about her pregnancy. How she really needs to find a good doctor that will take Medicaid. How she has lost "so much weight" with this second baby. She chomped on Doritos and a hamburger and talked about how she got this new job but probably won't be able to start because she "forgot" to take the drug test. She bitched about how she pays her mom $500 a month in rent, but also gives her mom the welfare money and the food stamps. She joked that she should have brought the beer in her fridge over for the rest of us, since she is "knocked up" (her words) and her mom's been in AA for three years.

But the best line?

All of us normal, married couples were talking about our weddings and honeymoons. She jumps in and says:

"Yeah? Well I got two kids! No seriously, they say third time's a charm. So I'm hoping the third guy that knocks me up will be a winner."

And that is what I leave you with this evening. Enjoy! (Joey and I both start work tomorrow.)

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Tina said...

OMG!!!! WHat an amazing story! I can't believe that there are some women out there who actually procreate! It sounds like she gets knocked up by such winners ~ I am sure the 3rd time will be a charm ;)

I am glad you found a doctor and clinic - exciting!!! Have a great day at your new job!!