Wednesday, May 13, 2009

baby overload

Babies and pregnant women, everywhere I turn. Two babies last month, two more are due this month, and I've lost count of how many pregnancy announcements I've seen recently. 2009 is the year of babies. I'm ashamed to admit that it's gotten under my skin most days. I must have ten peoples' "News Feeds" blocked on Facebook so I don't need to read their daily pregnancy updates or see photos. This morning, my coworkers hung up photos of my boss's baby in her office window (she's not coming back from maternity leave for another month, but I imagine she'll be in to visit soon), so now I have to stare at the baby pictures allllllllll day.

I remember when Joey and I first got engaged, and I noticed anything and everything that related to weddings--especially engagement and wedding rings. So I'm wondering . . . is it just me, or when you are trying to get pregnant, do you instinctively notice more pregnant women and babies?

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