Saturday, May 23, 2009

cycle #13

The bitch is here, so it's on to cycle #13. The only thing that keeps me going is that we weren't going to try this cycle and the next cycle anyway, because a good friend of mine is getting married around the same time our due date would be. I don't want to be busting at the seams for her wedding.

Joey's interview went REALLY well yesterday. He had another one at 9 this morning, and he's still there. He should hear back from the first company next week about a second interview. And my phone interview yesterday went surprising well. I think I nailed it. They are having me fill out an editing test this weekend. I hope this is the turnaround we've been praying for. A few people have already given me names and recommendations of doctors in the area, and when the time comes, I'm ready to jump back in this. The wait is killing me. Every cycle that passes is time wasted.

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Tina said...

So sorry that AF arrived. It is funny how things can work out though. When life is really crazy for me, my cycles are really crazy and we questioned if I was even ovulating at that time - maybe as a way for my body to tell me that it isn't going to happen until life settles down. My cycles were the CRAZIEST when I was looking for a job. I think the stress just really messed me all up!

The LAST THING I am saying is that you need to relax (I hate that), but maybe once life all falls into order and y'all settle down in Florida, you can find a great doctor and create a plan of action!

I hope that the interviews go well! I will be thinking of y'all and am hoping that you are able to get to Florida!