Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Time to recap everything that's been going on since late last week:

The trip to Babies R' Us was not as traumatic as I thought it would be. I did a great job--no tears were shed. Walking through the doors and seeing five or six people carrying babies was a little overwhelming, but I took a few deep breaths and pushed on. I even ventured past aisle one and looked at all of the bedroom/bedding sets, and wandered through the clothing section. Such cute stuff! I refrained from making any purchases, though. I'm not sure I want a little bitty outfit around here reminding me of what we don't have yet.

On top of that, the baby shower also went perfect. My boss must have thanked me a million times for putting everything together (she knows we are trying). There were times when the other ladies were sharing their childbirth stories that I had to tune out a little bit. But someone always managed to make things funny before I got too emotional.

Today was my colposcopy. It didn't hurt, but WOW was it uncomfortable. I thought I was going to pass out when I saw the tool she used to take the biopsy. I ended up taking this afternoon as "sick" time and coming home. It feels great to be in my PJs right now.

While I was in for my colposcopy, my doctor gave me the results of Joey's SA. She said everything was normal, except some of the sperm didn't have tails. She didn't sound too concerned about this, so I guess I'm not going to be too concerned about it. She still recommends going on Clomid as soon as I have the LAP done--which is fine with me. I just hope that if we end up moving back home to Florida, I can find a doctor that is willing to stick to this plan. I don't want to have to go through all of this again.

Next up is the second u/s on Friday, March 27. It feels like a lifetime away.


fourwhowantfive said...

Hey!! I've been thinking about you today, too. I'm so glad that your colpo wasn't painful! Sounds like it was a milliion times better than mine was.... The worst for me was the cramping afterwards. That was so bad, I literally passed out in the office hallway. I'm so glad it wasn't like that for you!

Also glad to hear that Joey has good swimmers! Even with no tails! Yay!

You'll have to keep us posted on the job in Florida--I'll keep my fingers crossed! :-)

fourwhowantfive said...

I just did a post about today's doctor visit.

btw...did you say that you moved to ttcyfc6+ board? Are you still there? I'm thinking of moving.... although, I've been living "board light" for several weeks and will probably keep it that way. What do you think of it?

To A T said...

I'm glad your colposcopy wasn't too horrible! Mine a couple years ago was fine, but my vag HATED the betadyne swabbing they did when it was over and was swollen and irritated for DAYS (weirdly enough it's the only part of my body that has shown any allergies to iodine based chemicals)

Hooray for Joey's fantastic swimmers!! :)

Ophelia said...

*high five*


fourwhowantfive said...

hey.... can you email me? I want to ask / tell you something (nothing overly exciting, btw..)

kjerden77 at yahoo dot com

:-) thanks!