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Sunday, January 18, 2009

AF called

She said she's on her way. (That's code for "I'm spotting".)

Cycle #9, here I come. You want to know what the worst part about this cycle is? From here on out, we can say we could have had a baby by now. Because if we had gotten pregnant the very first time we tried, I would be due in February.

I'm not sure I'm going to be as active on the board as I have been. I may move over to the TTCYFC6+ months board. It's been really difficult watching people who have only tried for a month get their BFPs. Regardless of what I decide, I will still check in to the TTCYFC board. The ladies I've met over there have been so supportive. I can't just abandon them! :)

Okay, time for a positive note in all of this: At least I can drink a beer during the Eagles game this afternoon!

1 comment:

Carbon said...

I looked at the other board for a while, it does seem like better fit for anyone who is using some medical intervention. Since I wasn't there yet, I stayed on the TTCYFC board. But, I also became less active.

I'm watching your chart, has the real AF shown herself? I hope she changes her mind about that visit!